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The Color of the Season

National Poinsettia Day is recognized on December 12 to celebrate the plant synonymous with holiday colors. It wasn’t always that way. In the 1800’s it was a diplomat and horticulturists that brought the plant from its native Mexico to the US and through years of propagation, breeding and development made it one of the hallmarks of the season. The plant in nature can grow to be quite tall….over 8 feet! The varieties we enjoy today are developed for our homes to a manageable size with long lasting color for enjoyment well beyond the Christmas season. Many varied colors are now available, but it’s still the blazing red color that attracted the attention of others years ago that today continues to brighten our homes.

Poinsettias. One of the reasons Red is a color of the season
Poinsettias. One of the reasons Red is a color of the season

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