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Now is the time to plant Spring Flowering Bulbs

We hear “plant spring flowering bulbs in the Fall” but have you ever wondered why?

The reason is pretty simple. They need what is often referred to as a “cooling period.” It is very important if you want your bulbs to perform at their best. As with most plants, bulbs need to be planted while the soil is still warm so they can get their root system growing before the ground freezes. They then need at least 12 weeks of cold temperatures (below 45 degrees) so they don’t begin growing too soon. If they don’t cool in the ground for 12 weeks, you may end up with beautiful foliage but no flowers.

When planting your bulbs, find a spot that will get at least 6 hours of sunlight in the early spring with well-drained soil. Amending the soil with organic matter like compost or peat moss is also helpful…adding some bone meal is a option too. Be sure your hole is at least 3 times as deep as the bulb and place the bulb with the pointy side facing up. Water after you’ve planted them to help them get established as well as fill in any air pockets in the soil.


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