Springtime Menaces

It’s almost springtime, once the snow clears how does your lawn look?


Maybe your lawn looks like this
Or maybe like this










Do not be alarmed, your blades of grass are not conspiring against you.

If your lawn looks like either of the above pictures, you may have Skunks &/or Moles! 







In the spring (as soon as it starts to thaw) these furry little Villains take to the patchy greens of our yards in search of bugs and grubs living under the turf.

Japanese Beetle grubs are a plentiful favorite of moles and skunks in the Michigan area.


Mt. Molympus











Don’t make that Mole-hill into a mountain though, there are TONS of solutions for this problem at Flowerland. From Natural options to “shoo them away” to full on “Chemical Warfare” stop in at any of the 3 locations in Grand Rapids, MI. and ask the experts there which ones would work for you!