Falling into Fall

I have to admit I am really more of a “Summer” person but Fall does have its benefits. I love that I can take care of any nasty weeds that have creeped into my garden and lawn.

Before Grass B Gon
Believe it or not, there is a flower bed underneath all that grass!

This year my flowerbeds have been inundated with some kind of grass. The more I tried to pull it out by hand, the more it came back….ten-fold! Fortunately in addition to being a great time to plant, Fall is also a great time to spray weeds.

During the Fall, all plants including weeds are trying to absorb as many nutrients as possible down to their roots so they have “something to eat” during the winter months. Lucky for me, the weeds don’t know the difference between “good” food and “bad” food; the product is absorbed through the leaves and trans-locates to the root system where it basically kills the plant/weed.

Since I’m dealing with a grass, my friend Kristi at Flowerland recommended Ortho Grass B

Grass B Gon did a great job getting rid of the unwanted grass in my flowerbeds!
Grass B Gon did a great job getting rid of the unwanted grass in my flowerbeds!

Gon. It is formulated to target grass. I tried it in my rose bed this summer and it worked really well. I’m trying it in my perennial bed now and it seems to be working. With the perennial bed, Kristi did caution me that any desirable plant that looks like grass (think Daylilies, Irises, etc.) should be protected from residual spray.

There still so much to do in yard. I can’t wait to get outside and get my hands dirty before the cooler weather hits.

Until next time…..Enjoy the fall!

Mary Gold