It’s Veggie Mania!

Planting onionsI love this time of year! Besides the sunshine and warm temps, we get to begin harvesting – and eating – so many of our home-grown fruits and veggies. My daughter is very excited. She (with a little help from me) planted ‘baby carrots’ again this year and we added onions. (Mini Gold loves to eat raw onions dipped in ranch dressing.)

Both are coming in beautifully not to mention deliciously. We have even planted our second round of carrots and can’t wait to harvest them as well.

My summer squash and tomatoes are starting to come in nicely as well. However I underestimated how bushy my tomato plant would get. It has over-flowed the tomato cage I have around it. Fortunately my friend Bonnie at Flowerland says that isn’t unusual and has an easy ‘fix.’ She helped me pick out a stake to help prop it up. It’s actually pretty easy.

  • Find a stake that is the appropriate height and push it into the soil next to the tomato plant. Be sure it’s in deep enough in case it gets windy. (I found out the “hard way.”)
  • Find the main stem you need to prop up and gently line it up with the stake on the opposite side of where it is leaning
  • Loosely tie it to the stake with plant tape or other soft tie. Be sure you don’t tie the stem tightly to the stake or you will injure the stem. It’s OK to tie it in more than one place to keep the stem upright. I had to tie it in two places.

Adding the stake will also help improve the air movement around tomato plant as well as the two herbs growing on either side of it.

Summer is a short season so get outside and enjoy it. Until next time….

Mary Gold