March. Finally time to start some seeds!

Cucumber Seedling

Gardening is all about hope and a little dirty work. Gardening can get pretty pricey if you don’t have a plan and the variety of plants can be overwhelming. Some questions to asking yourself are:

  • What location is my garden bed going to be?
  • What kind of sunlight does that area get?
  • What is my soil type? (Bring in a sample for free analysis)
  • How much maintenance can I commit to each week?

Lake Valley

All of these factors will help you narrow your focus before you shop. A cheap way to do it is start with seeds and bulbs. Now because of our climate here in Michigan, there are some plants that you have to start indoors so you can harvest them on time, like pumpkins or Dahlias. Here is how it is done.

Dairy Doo is found only at Flowerland. It is the best quality soil for your seeds. Dairy doo is highly recommended!
Dairy Doo is found only at Flowerland. It is the best quality soil for your seeds. Dairy doo is highly recommended!

March is a great month for seed starting! First, use a good quality lightweight seed starting soil for your plants. It has the right kind of blended nutrients to start your seeds off right.  Next,  grow lights are a great supplement to natural light so your seedlings don’t get leggy stretching for the light. It’s not just for plants, people need vitamin D too.

72 cell pre-filled seed starting flats
Soil filled flats are the easiest way to start. Just add seeds and they are ready to grow.

Then, use dome covers on your flats for humidity. When the seedlings emerge, prop up or tent the covers to provide good airflow. A sprinkling of milled spaghnum moss over the top will help discourage damping off. Seeds are little babies and suck up water faster than adult plants.

Other thing on your to do list before spring is:

  • If you have other houseplants. Move “sleeping” tropicals and geraniums overwintered in the basement to a sunny window. Begin gradually watering with a diluted water-soluble fertilizer.
  • Service your lawn mower before the season starts. A good clean sharp blade is important in maintaining a nice looking healthy lawn.
  • A good month to pick out summer flowering “bulbs” while the selection is great and start them indoors. Summer flowering “bulbs” like Cannas and Dahlias are great for container gardens but don’t plant them outside until mid-May when the danger of frost is past.


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