4 Step Lawn Programs

Lawn Love

Now is a great time to be thinking about taking care of your lawn.

Now we have made it even simpler with a 4 step program!

Step 1: scotts 4 step four across 2015 slideApply in Early Spring (February- April) before the soil temperature reaches 57°.  First rake away any debris. Then apply step 1 which must be watered in to kill crabgrass roots. Note: Do not put down grass seed at the same time with step 1 because it has a crabgrass preventer which will also prevent new grass seed to grow as well.

Step 2: Apply April, May or June. This has a weed preventer plus lawn food. To get rid of dandelions and other broad leaf greens in addition to feeding your lawn

Step 3: Apply in Summer (Late June- July). This has lawn food with 2% Iron. It feeds and strengthens against heat and drought. Don’t forget to water grass in the morning and more often during these hot summer months.

Step 4: Apply in the Fall (August- September- October). This step is crucial to protect and strengthen grass for an even better lawn in the Spring.

Accessories you might want:


Spreader ( rentals available at Flowerland)

Lawn aerator (rentals available in Grand Rapids)