Keeping those Valentine’s flowers fresh!

Despite the cold weather, February is such a fun month with Valentine’s Day and Flowerland’s annual visit from the Birds of Prey. (If you haven’t seen the Birds of Prey, add it to your list! Seriously….totally amazing!)

Springs First LoveIt amazes me how much people spend on Valentine’s Day, between flowers, candy and cards. Some estimates I’ve heard or read put it between $120 – $130.

To a certain extent, I’m not totally surprised. I’ve had the privilege of seeing the beautiful floral arrangements the Flowerland Designers have created especially for Valentine’s Day. They are so creative and the design team takes great care in making sure the arrangements are “just right” for every recipient.

There’s something about fresh cut flowers that really brightens up the day and a room. My Love is all aroundquestion is always how do you keep them fresh and looking beautiful for more than a couple. My friends in Flowerland’s Design department gave me some great tips.

1.  Keep the vase/container/liner filled with fresh water. If the container has floral foam, keep clean water above the foam.
2.  Every few days re-cut the flower stems at an angle using a sharp knife or sharp scissors. (Remove 3/4″ – 1″) To keep your vase arrangement intact, tie the stems with twine just above the vase’s edge before taking them out of the vase.
3.  Change the water as needed, using room temperature water mixed with just the right amount of fresh flower food. Be sure to clean the vase or container before refilling.
4.  Display flowers in a temperate spot (65 – 75 degrees F) and away from things like heat vents, direct sunlight or the top of the TV (dehydrates the flowers).
5.  Enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Until next time….

Mary Gold