Healthy Soil= Healthy Plants= Healthy You!

Dairy Doo is great! The Detroit Free Press named Morgan Composting, Inc. the 2013 Green Leader! For ingenuity, sustainability, and pushing forward recycling in America. Dairy Doo is made right here in Michigan!

Soils are the storehouses for plant nutrients. Another way to think about it is soil like the stomach of a plant. Some nutrients are in reserve in soils and others need to be added. That’s why your soil structure is so important! Many of our soils are depleted and we’re missing Carbon, Minerals, and Biology.

  • Carbon improves soil structure and moisture and hold nutrients
  • Minerals are depleted in many of our soils and are needed for better tasting plants and health
  • Biology helps release locked up nutrients. You don’t need as much fertilizer if your soil is healthy! Biology is like a pro biotic for your soil!

It’s all about building soil HEALTH.


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