Weekend Fun!

Hmmm…..they are bigger than I thought…

My daughter and I came by the Wyoming Flowerland last Saturday to see Santa and his reindeer friends. Oh was that fun! There were so many kids checking them out and asking great questions like “Do these reindeer fly? Can we see?” and “What do reindeer eat?” Gotta say there are some pretty smart, curious kids out there.

I got to tell Santa my Christmas Wish List!

My daughter was a little intimidated at first (reindeer are actually kind of big) but once she saw Santa and got to sit on his lap and put in her request, all was right with the world. She even asked if she could come back and see them again. Absolutely!

Fortunately, Santa and his reindeer are going to be at the Alpine Flowerland on Friday (11/28) and at the Kentwood Flowerland on Saturday (11/29), so her wish will be granted. I guess we’re starting a new Christmas tradition at our house.

If you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids this weekend, stop in and check out the reindeer. The expression on the kids’ faces is worth it…be sure to have the camera ready!

Until next time…..stay warm and enjoy the season!

Mary Gold


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