Bundle up your plants for winter

This is the first year I had to take care of my own yard for winter.

Tools needed: Rake, Burlap, Yard Pins, and a  Snow Shovel.

First, we learned that if you don’t rake up fall leaves, before it snows, then it suffocates the grass and you have a lumpy lawn in the spring. The best thing to do is mulch them up and put a layer on your bushes and other perennials to protect them for the winter. As these leaves decompose they become a natural fertilizer, which saves me money.

370a28c3-c97b-4206-83fc-0a3ce473e700_400Next, I found out that most plants use their energy in the fall to root deeper preparing for the winter. Fall is the best time to take care of your lawn. I used Scott’s winterguard so I hope it looks better in the spring.

048ee420-61d6-4e97-bcd9-4d0a8bfe1d38I bought burlap to protect my roses and hydrangeas and tacked it to the ground with yard pins so it won’t blow away. Then I stuffed it with two layers leaves to protect the roots.

Lastly, on my to do list was buying a snow shovel. I have no idea what to get, so I asked my manager at Flowerland. He said that I need a snow pusher shovel if this year was anything like last year was. This type of shovel is deeply concave and has a aluminum edge for scraping ice and to prevent wear. This has worked great for me.