Let it snow…let it…no…

I have to admit I already miss Fall….the winter snow has come too early for my tastes and definitely with too much “gusto.”  It seems like only a few weeks ago, my daughter was out in the yard picking the last of her 2014 carrot crop (which was a huge hit, BTW). Oh wait…it was just a few weeks ago!

Cookies and Canvas at Wyoming Flowerland
Here’s what we’ll be painting at Cookies & Canvas on Nov. 22 at the Wyoming Flowerland.

Well at least I can look forward to this weekend. What’s going on this weekend you ask? A ton of fun at Flowerland. This Saturday, Santa and some of his reindeer friends will be stopping by the Wyoming Flowerland for a “meet and greet.” That is always a fun time. I’ll be curious to see how my daughter is around the reindeer this year. We went a petting zoo down by Grandpa’s and she was all about feeding the baby goats (yes, this is new).

After we get done hanging out with Santa and the reindeer and perusing the beautiful trees and decorations, we’re going to check out the Cookies & Canvas event at the Wyoming Flowerland. It’s a family-friendly painting class where kids of all ages will get try their hands at creating (with instruction) their own work of art. I did the Wine & Canvas version last week and it was a total blast. The price for Cookies & Canvas is reasonable, too; only $20.

If you are looking for some family fun this weekend, why not stop by the Wyoming Flowerland? I’m betting they will “Holidazzle” you!

Until next…stay safe and warm!

Mary Gold