The “honey do” list for the yard in fall

I asked Mr. Green Thumb to stop by and take a peak at our yard. He thought it was adorable because it was already fenced in and even though it is a small yard it should be easy to manage. He also had some concerns which should be easy fixes:

1. Clear out the gutters. This sounds like a pointless task but if it doesn’t get done then we may have some issues down the line with water getting to the foundation.

Tools needed: ladder and a trowel.

2. There are tree branches that hang over our house from the neighbors yard. If it doesn’t get done then it could distress the roof. That would be an expensive clean up.

Tools needed: pruning saw and ladder. Possibly schmooze neighbor into cutting down trees all together.

3. Poison Ivy is creeping through our fence from the neighbors yard.

Tools needed: Poison Ivy killer. “Do not pull out by hand,” said Captain Obvious.

4. Now is the best time to prep your lawn for the spring with fertilizing before the winter for a better more beautiful lawn in the spring. Fall is vital to feed grass

Tools needed: Spreader and Scotts Lawn Pro step 4