Tulips make me “Bulb”ble with happiness!

My friend Kelley is an avid gardener and one of my inspirations. Once while we were still working together, she told me she had planted 300 tulip bulbs. I thought she was crazy. I mean, who wants to dig 300 holes? At the time, I had yet to discover the true simplicity and resulting beauty that tulips — and other spring flowering bulbs — have to offer. I now know better!

Planting spring flowering bulbs
I’m helping Mommy plant our tulips and daffodils!

The last three falls, my daughter and I have selected a variety different bulbs, from tulips, daffodils and hyacinth to Fritilleria and Allium, and a range of colors and bloom times. The first year was in the front of the house. I dug the holes the appropriate depth, she dropped in the bulbs and covered them up. (Hole depth depends on what type of bulb you’re planting.) The following year, we went with the “trench” method. I discovered when you have a lot of bulbs to plant and/or you are doing some layering, this is really the way to go.

I dug a trench (literally) along the fence line where we wanted

My daughter and I make a good team. I love pulling in the drive-way in the spring!
My daughter and I make a good team. I love pulling in the drive-way in the spring!

to plant the bulbs, she dropped in the first layer of bulbs that needed to be planted the deepest. Then I added layer of dirt and she added the next layer of bulbs. She is very proud of her tulips and especially likes her purple hyacinths. I’m hoping to plant some more spring flowering bulbs in the coming weeks because, well, 300 bulbs doesn’t seem so crazy now. Dig, Drop, Done!

Thanks for the inspiration, Kelley. Until next time…

Mary Gold