Winter protection for hydrangeas


My parents had a party at our house and we invited Rick Vuyst, Mr. Greenthumb, to stop by. I like him because he compliments me on my floral shirts in addition he also tries to identify the species of flower I’m wearing. “I like your shirt. Are those hibiscus flowers on it?” he says.

When he decided to make a cameo appearance at the party he went around the yard to school me on my plants. He bought me over to our white hydrangea at the front of the house. He said, “See here, this is a panicle hydrangea. You can tell by the cone like shape.” Rick went on to explain the proper care for the hydrangea.

Winter Protection for Hydrangeas

Keep a journal of everything you do to your yard. If you buy a new plant keep the tags that has the name of the plant in your journal. Odds are that you might forget the name of what you planted before.

First prune the plant after it is done flowering. It’s going to look better next year if you give it a little “hair cut”.

Water the hydrangea 1 inch of water per week.

Hydrangeas like a fertilizer with phosphorus.

When fall comes around stake burlap or get a wire cage and pack it with leaves. This will act like a winter coat for those roots during the winter.


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