I just love the story behind a new product called Ecoscraps. I love it because these products are natural solutions (which means its not going to kill my dog) and it helps our environment. Inc-cover-ecoscraps-sargent-martineau-blake_51At an all-you-can-can-eat buffet, two college students, Craig Martineau and Daniel Blake, noticed how much food was being wasted. They began to search for solutions. They learned that food waste, instead of clogging landfills and gassing the air we breathe, could be turned into beneficial gardening products. What started as a dorm room project, ecoscraps has grown into a venture led by some of “America’s most promising social entrepreneurs.”-”

Eco Scrapes All Purpose Plant Food
Ecoscraps All Purpose Plant Food

They started in 2009 and business has just exploded. Everybody is raving about it. Food from athletic stadiums, arenas, and restaurants are recycled and made into a product line of potting soils, composting, garden soils, and more.