The seedlings appear!

As I mentioned to you a couple weeks ago, my daughter and I are trying a new veggie garden experiment this year: growing carrots, cucumber and zucchini from seed (including mom’s “back up” rows of carrots).

Fortunately I haven’t had to worry about watering them the last week or so, with all the rain we’ve had. Apparently carrots in particular like “even moisture.” Yeah, I had to ask on that one, too. My friend Roy tells me that means you don’t want to the soil to be soggy but you don’t let the soil dry out between waterings either. Makes sense.

Between the rain drops I was able to take a peek at the garden. It looked like I might have some weeding to do until it occurred to that I had no idea what a carrot, cucumber or zucchini seedling looked like. Well Google is my friend….apparently I have seedlings! Yay!

Carrot Seedling
This is what carrot seedlings look like….I can see how you could mistake them for a grassy weed initially.
Cucumber Seedling
This is a cucumber seedling.
Zucchini Seedling
Zucchini seedlings look an awful lot like cucumber seedlings….I’m not sure which mound is which now. Oh well…surprises are fun!












I brought my daughter over to the garden to show her our handy work. Needless to say, she was very excited and proud to see the carrot seedlings sprouting through the ground.

“Are those the seeds I planted?”

“Yes….they’re growing.”

“We’re going to have carrots soon!” Big smile!

Until next……

Mary Gold