A “Mole” in One

The other night after dinner, I’m sitting outside on our [cement] patio, watching my Holey Moleydaughter play, when all of the sudden she practically jumps in my lap. I was rather confused until I saw what she was pointing at. There was blackish-brown furry animal crawling on the cement along the side of the garage. It was either a mole or a vole.

Since moles are typically nocturnal and voles don’t like to be seen, my husband and I were surprised to see one crawling across cement. Once we caught it, the unspoken decision was made to let it go in the vacant lot next to our house; killing it in front of our daughter seemed inappropriate. (We were equally surprised, once it was on earth rather than cement, at how quickly it burrowed itself back underground.)

Molemax repels moles and voles in your yard! I can work with that.

Unfortunately, as my friend Kristi pointed it out, it will likely come back unless we do something. Fortunately we can still put a repellant like Mole Max granules down. With the first application, you cover the entire area you want to protect. This drives them out. Then every 25 – 30 days you apply a 3 foot strip around the edges of the area to keep them out.

Looks like I know what I’m doing this weekend!

Enjoy the sunshine!  Until next time…..

Mary Gold