It’s beginning to look a lot like…well….winter

Mosaic Tile ArtIt’s hard to believe we are one week out from Christmas. Where did the time go? The ongoing snow is definitely making it look like Christmas but it’s tough when the kids have to stay inside when the wind chill gets too cold. Fortunately, I’ve got some tricks – or at least games – up my sleeve.

Last year, right before her birthday, my daughter and I were walking around Flowerland and she saw these Mosaic kits. Of course it became the “must have” gift. I was a little concerned because it looked kind of detailed and I worried it might frustrate her. But I decided to get it for her anyway.

kt-tile-art-3Apparently, “Mother” doesn’t always know best. The kit is the Mosaic equivalent of a Paint by Numbers. Basically the pictures have squares that are numbered and sheets of small, sticky, colored tiles that correspond with the numbers. As my husband explained to her, you match the tiles with the corresponding numbers on the picture. You need to be kind of exact on placing the tiles because you have a limited quantity in each color.

kt-tile-art-4In addition to creating beautiful, frame-able pictures, it also helped her with following directions, numbers, hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

She loves doing them (all by herself, no less) and they look great! She had some much fun with the first one, she asked if she could give a kit to her friend for a birthday gift. Her friend loved it too!

Until next time… Stay warm!

Mary Gold

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