If you tip toe through my tulips, don’t squish my pansies

Bulbs and Pansies 2013
This is how the bulbs and pansies mixed this year at my house. I think I need more of both to make a real splash!

I have to tell you, I love spring flowering bulbs. They are so easy…you just dig a hole (3 times the height of the bulb is recommended), drop in the bulb in the hole (it will right itself if upside-down), water and done. Nature handles the rest.

It’s always fun to add new bulbs to my flower beds. Last year when my daughter and I picked out new ones to add to the front yard as well as along the fence line on the back patio, we selected bulbs the bloom at different times in the spring. That way, we had something pretty to look at throughout the spring.

Another thing we did (and plan to do this year) was plant some pansies in the bulb beds. To be honest, without colorful flowers the front of my house would be pretty dull. Because they are frost tolerant, they keep smiling at me even when

Pansies and Tulips
This is how the professionals do it. Did you know the reason we plant bulbs in the fall is so they can cool over the winter before blooming? I didn’t know that.

my impatiens (which looked beautiful this year BTW) have succumb to the weather. In addition to coming in colors like blue and purple (my daughter’s current favorite colors), they come back in the spring. In fact this past spring, they come so full I was afraid my bulbs wouldn’t do as well. Not to worry; the combination was actually really pretty. Little did I know the Pros actually suggest planting them together.

Guess I know what my daughter and I will be doing over the next few weeks!

Until next time….

Mary Gold