Rooting for the “Loam” Team!

Map to Wyoming FlowerlandRoad construction is never fun, especially when you are trying to get to your favorite garden center for some “well-rooted” advice, colorful Mums for the garden or grass seed to re-seed your lawn. We asked our Facebook friends how they maneuvered around the construction to get to the Wyoming Flowerland. Here’s what they had to say.

  • Nessa says, “I get off the highway at Burton and take Clyde Park…leads right to you.”
  • Marsha says, “The other day, I took DeHoop and turned right on a side street that zig-zagged through back to Clyde Park. I came out on Clyde Park just north of you.”
  • Sarah says, “131 to 28th Street worked great the other day.”
  • Mike, however, had the most creative idea: “Helicopter drop in…”

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