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Flowerland January Gardening Tips

Prune while dormant, avoid over-watering indoor plants…

Good time of the year to prune deciduous plant material and trees when they are dormant. Dress warm and make sure to use a good quality, clean by-pass pruning shears.

Foliage plants help improve indoor air quality. Clean dust off the foliage with a damp sponge.

Don’t over-water your houseplants; they don’t need as much water in winter. Plants suffer when over-watered and you may bring on a problem with fungus gnats. Give the plants near windows a quarter turn now and then to expose all sides to the light. Keep foliage away from direct contact with the glass when temperatures are frigid.

It helps to keep indoor foliage plants away from cold drafty doors or the dry heat of heat registers.

Turn down the thermostat at night. You’ll save money on your heating bills and the plants will appreciate the temperature change. Most tropical or sub-tropical plants are used to a variance between day and night time temperatures.

Citrus plants provide great color and fragrance in the home this time of year.

Make sure to recycle the fresh cut Christmas tree.


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