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Flowerland February Gardening Tips

Look for rodent damage, prevent evergreen desiccation…

If all goes well, this month has the potential of giving us our first peek at spring! As we experience some thaw days the foliage of pansies and bulbs we planted last fall start to become visible. In some years by the end of this month the Witchhazel blooms begin to swell and the Helleborus, Winter Aconite and Galanthus could even start to put on a show!

  • Look for vole damage to ornamental plants and turf and set out traps if necessary.
  • Keep tree wrap on the trunks of young trees and burlap protect evergreens facing south. Trunks can split and evergreens desiccate when the sun is low in the south and the ground is still frozen. Consider an additional application of anti-desiccant spray on a warm day.
  • Start assembling seed starting materials. February is a good time to buy seeds and supplies.
  • Fresh flowers are always a good idea to brighten a room. Don’t forget Valentine’s day is February 14! The best way to keep fresh flowers is to use clean water and a clean vase. Change the water frequently. Put a fresh cut on an angle at the base of the stem and submerge immediately in water so they draw water well.
  • Put up birdhouses or clean existing houses during this month.

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