Zero in on this!

This is how the Sub Zero pansies looked when I planted them last fall….

Last year at this time, if you remember, I spent one evening after work planting Sub Zero Pansies in the rain. I was told they would survive the winter and pop back up as some of my first flowers of spring. Boy, did they ever! Before the tulips, daffodils and hyacinths poked their beautiful stems through the soil, there were these blue and purple blooms of color welcoming me home from work.

If you are looking for a shade-tolerant, cool weather annual to add to your garden, Sub Zero and frost tolerant pansies rock and they come in a great mix of solid colors as well as bicolors.

…and this is how great they looked this spring, mixed in with my bulbs. Winter (mild though it was) didn’t phase them. Beautiful!

Fall is for planting and I will definitely be planting them again this fall…but maybe on a drier day.

Until next time…

Mary Gold

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