Don’t “bug” out! Get to the “root” of the problem

Fall brings with it so many things like cooler weather, beautifully colored leaves and flowers. It also brings with it weeds and bugs that are trying to stake their claim to your landscape and your home. Don’t ‘bug’ out! Get to the ‘root’ of the problem!

In the fall, weeds send food reserves in the form of carbohydrates to the roots as they begin to shut down for winter. This makes them vulnerable to herbicides like Bonide Ultra Weed Beater. Applying a weed control now provides excellent control down to the roots.


On warm fall days combined with cold, frosty nights, bugs – namely Box Elders and Asian Lady Bugs – will collect on the south side of your house and try to gain entry so they can winter where its warm. Bayer Vegetable and Garden Insect Spray (for outdoor use) kills bugs on contact and is a great way to say “No Vacancies Here!”


Found some unexpected “house guests?” Don’t ‘bug’ out. Ortho Home Defense Max kills bugs that make it indoors as well as their eggs for up to 12 months so you don’t have any repeat visitors. It’s also non-staining and odor-free!