Mum-Ma-Mia! It’s “Bulb” – alicious!

Some people hesitate to plant spring flowering bulbs because they think the deer will eat them as soon as they come up. Don’t let that stop you! Here are some bulbs that are beautiful and deer-resistant. Dig – Drop – Done! What could be easier?

Daffodils (aka “Narcissus”) are considered to be one of the first signs of spring. These spring flowering bulbs are easy to grow and dependable. They like a sunny location and well-drained soil. They are also deer, rabbit and squirrel resistant.


In addition to being deer-resistant, Dutch Iris also do well in both beds and containers. They bloom in late spring/early summer and enjoy full sun plus moist, well-drained soil. These spring flowering bulbs also make great cut flowers for your home.


If you are looking for a spring flowering bulb that offers visual interest, look no further than Fritillaria. Fritillaria offers more muted colors, interesting markings, hanging blossoms and a “crown” of leaves. Depending on the type, it does well in a variety of light conditions and prefers well-drained soil (no soggy soil please). Be warned: Fritillaria is not the most pleasant smelling of flowers. In fact, some people say they smell like “funky gym socks.” Apparently deer and rabbits don’t care for the smell of “funky gym socks” and stay away.


If you are looking for great transitional color in your bulb garden, Allium is the bulb for you. Allium blooms in late spring/early summer and has colorful blooms that can range from the size of a golf ball to the size of a soft ball or bigger. They thrive in sun, like well-drained soil and are drought tolerant.


Nothing says ‘Fall” like a mum. Mums come in a variety of colors to brighten up the landscape, with blossoms that range from daisy-like to pom-poms. Hardy perennial mums will also come back year after year.