Grow with the Flow!

With the “dog-days” of summer upon us and a break in our record-breaking heat, now is a great time to be thinking about rejuvenating our lawns and yards.

August 15 through October 15 is the best time to re-seed or over-seed your lawn for next year.  The cooler temperatures, the warm ground and the fall rains all help the grass seed germinate and establish roots before winter. A good way to approach seeding your lawn is to core aerate (leaving the plugs on the grass), spread the grass seed then top with a seed starter fertilizer. Keep an eye on the weather when it comes to watering. Once the seed has germinated, it is at its most tender and its roots at their smallest. Frequent light watering is the best approach rather than long, deep watering. In dry weather, that may mean watering for a short time in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Flowerland offers a variety of Bulk Grass Seeds. Whether you need a grass that does well in full sun, shade or a combination of both, we have what you need.


As we get into August, many of our colorful summer perennials are starting to fade. What can we do to add some color back into our gardens and landscapes? How about planting some hardy mums?  Mums are the quintessential flower of fall. They bloom from late summer through fall and love to be in full sun. They come in every color except blue and can be pom-pom shaped, sphere shaped or have petals similar to a daisy.

Flowerland has received its first shipment of mums. Mums are a great way to freshen up the color of your flower bed or container.

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