Gardening is a Work of Heart!

Gardening is definitely a work of Heart and we all want to do everything we can to help our gardens grow.  Here are some items Flowerland Recommends to help you keep your garden looking fabulous.

As you water your flowering annuals, be sure to include a water soluble fertilizer. It is an effective way to feed hungry plants without burning them. Miracle Gro offers several types of water soluble fertilizers including All Purpose and Bloom Booster.
Do the leaves and stems of your plants have white spots that look like powder on them? Powdery Mildew is a common plant disease that does well on warm summer conditions. Ortho Garden Disease Control is a great way to stop and prevent Powdery Mildew and other plant diseases.



You’ve been watering your lawn pretty regularly this summer but have been concerned about fertilizing. Milorganite is the summer fertilizer to use for feeding your lawn. It is natural, non-burning and has 4% iron to provide greening.