Growing at the “Seed” of Light

Planting my peppers!

While I could do without the constant heat and dry conditions, it is turning out to be a very fun summer for me as a gardener.  This year, I decided to take my daughter with me when I picked out my vegetable plants. “Should we get big tomatoes or baby tomatoes [aka grape tomatoes]?” “Baby tomatoes!” “How about some zucchini?” “I don’t like zucchini, mommy.” “Well, you might like them better because you grew them yourself. You should try them.” The look on her face told me she wasn’t convinced, but I’ve read that when a child is involved in growing the veggies they are more inclined to at least try them.

Once we got our veggies home, it was time to plant them. The tomatoes and four of the peppers were going pots and the squash, cucumber and remaining peppers were going in my new veggie bed. As I was filling the pots, I heard the four most beautiful words: “Mommy, can I help?” My heart just jumped for joy! So we got out her gardening gear. She dug the holes in the potting soil and put in the plant. I sprinkled in some Myke’s and some Garden Tone then covered up the roots.

Digging the hole….

A couple of days later, it was time to plant the green bean and sugar snaps. The plan was to grow these from seed. Again I heard, “Mommy, can I help?” So we found

a stick she could use to make the holes and she got pick which seed went in each hole (green bean, yellow bean, or pea). Then she covered them and helped mommy sprinkle them with water to help them grow. About a week or so later, I called her over to the garden to see the tiny plants popping through the soil. “What is that, mommy?” “Those are the green beans and peas you planted. They are growing!” The look on her face went from perplexed to surprised to a big smile.What more could a garden mommy ask for?


I’ve been very pleased with how well my veggies are doing and how big they’ve gotten, given the dryness and the incredibly warm weather. (Admittedly, my water bill will probably be outrageous.)

….then planting and covering the seed.


My zucchini has already produced 3 nice (and tasty!) pieces of fruit and my newest discovery, the Yellow Crookneck Squash, has produced one.  (I picked it up thinking it was a summer squash. Oops! I was pleasantly surprised. My husband and I both agree it has a nicer flavor than the summer squash. Definitely one to do again!) My tomato plant and most of my peppers have baby fruit on them. The first round of beans and the peas did not fare as well. It seems we have two baby rabbits in our yard who have a fondness for them. The next rounds was much better protected.

Well, since there still is no rain in the forecast, I guess I’d better get out there and water or I’ll be charged with “plant-icide”. Stay cool and keep hydrated!

Until next time….

Mary Gold