Plant One On Me!

Looking for a colorful new perennial for your garden! Butterfly Bush or Buddleia as they are called are profuse bloomers with gray-green to dark green leaves and fragrant 6″ – 8″ long flower heads that butterflies find very attractive.

Buddleia, aka Butterfly Bush, is a must for your butterfly garden.


Japanese Beetles can ravage the foliage and flowers of your favorite plants and July is when they start to munch. Before they make a meal out of your roses, lindens, elms and other landscape plants, try spraying your plants with an insecticide. During heavy activity, you’ll need to spray once a week.

Japanese Beetles a problem? Don’t “bug” out. Try Sevin.


Even our plants need to eat; feed them well. A combination of a dry granular feeding supplemented by a water soluable fertilizer every 14 days in warm weather give the kick in the “plants” they need!

Make a water soluble fertilizer like Miracle Gro All Purpose part of your 1 – 2 plant punch!