Plant One On Me!

Looking for some great summer perennials? Flowerland Recommends the following.

Lo and Behold Blue Chip Butterfly Bush blooms mid-summer to frost and grows to about 24 – 30 inches tall. It likes full sun and well drained soil. AKA Buddleia, it also attracts butterflies and is deer resistant.


Own-root Roses like KNOCK OUT as well as Carpet Roses are great for first-time rose growers. They come in lots of colors and aren’t finicky like roses of old. Plus they are disease resistant and Carpet Roses are even “self-cleaning!”


Concerned about bugs on your flowers and veggies? We’ve got some ideas for that too!

Sprinkle Ortho Bug B Gon Rose and Flower + Miracle Gro around your roses and flowers for up to 8 weeks of protection from Japanese Beetles, Aphids, Whiteflies and more. Plus you get the added bonus of up to 8 weeks of Miracle Gro feeding!


Eight Garden Dust is a great vegetable garden insecticide – killing and repelling virtually any insect pest common to home gardens. It also works on roses & flowers and is colored green to blend with foliage! Short days to harvest intervals.


Looking for something organic to get rid of those pesky bugs? Try Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew®. It contains Spinosad and is a naturally organic way to get rid of borers, beetles, spider mites and more!