Grow with the Flow!

Just like our bodies, our plants need to be well-nourished with ‘good food’ to grow well. Water Soluble fertilizers are great for instantly feeding your plants. Flowerland Recommends Miracle-Gro Garden Pro.

Miracle Gro All Purpose is a good all-around plant food suited flowers, veggies, houseplants and more. It starts to work instantly and feeds through both the roots and the leaves.


Miracle Gro Miracid is specially designed for acid-loving plants like Azaleas, Hydrangeas and Rhododendrons. It helps lower the pH level in soil to promote lush foliage, vibrant color and abundant blooms.


Miracle Gro Bloom Booster is specially formulated to promote big plants and beautiful blooms. Begin feeding regularly with Bloom Booster 2 - 3 weeks after planting to help your Annuals and Perennials burst with lush foliage, vibrant color and abundant blooms!