If you “soil your plants,” DOO be sure to keep your “composture”!

With all the warm weather we had last week, soil temperatures spiked into the 60 degree range which is when crabgrass can begin to germinate. The cooler weather this week has stabilized the soil temperatures in the 50 degree range. Because of that, Flowerland Recommends continuing with your 4-step lawn program through mid April.

There are a number of 4-step plans available, including Gro-Fine Lawn Fertilizer.  Gro-Fine can help you maintain “Lawn and Order” in early spring with Crabgrass Preventer, late spring with Weed and Feed, in the summer with Lawn Food and in the fall with Winterizer.



If you like to garden the nature intended, Flowerland Recommends Dairy Doo. This “designer” compost helps return nutrients and microbiology to your soil that makes it healthy and happy. Just a quarter-inch layer of Dairy Doo mixed into your soil can stimulate the biological activity that is natural to your soil and critical to healthy plant growth. All that goodness plus Dairy Doo is Made in Michigan!

Dairy Doo is available in the greater Grand Rapids area exclusively at Flowerland.


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