Be a Pansy and Phlox to these great plants!

With all the warm weather, you may be looking for some colorful spring plants to add to your landscape. Here are some ideas that will add color both now and next spring!

Pansies are a great way to add instant color to your garden and landscape. And now is a great time to plant them. Concerned about the possibility of frost? Not a problem. Sub-Zero Pansies are frost-tolerant too!

Pansies add instant color and are frost-tolerant!

Helleborus is a great perennial to add to your garden landscape. This reliable bloomer starts early – sometimes peaking through the snow as early as February – and blooms through June. Helleborus is frost-tolerant, deer-resistant and does well in sun or shade.

Helleborus, now in bloom, is frost-tolerant as well as deer resistant!


Rhododendron PJM variety has beautiful lavender/pink blooms beginning in early to mid April. After the flowers fade, the green foliage can add dimension to your garden landscape. PJM is pretty tough – cold hardy as well as heat tolerant. It starts out small but after 10 years can grow to five feet tall and five feet wide.

Rhododendrons are cold hardy as well as heat tolerant!

Creeping Phlox is a perennial that blooms in early to late spring, although the green foliage often peeks through the snow in the winter. This cold-hardy plant make a great ground cover, growing only six inches tall but two feet wide.

Creeping Phlox blooms in early to late spring and makes a great ground cover.