As an “Entre-manure,” there’s so mulch to talk about!

There are designer shoes, designer clothes, designer hand bags, but designer compost? Absolutely.

If you would like to garden the way nature intended, Flowerland Recommends Dairy Doo. This “designer” compost helps return nutrients and microbiology to your soil that makes it healthy and happy. Starting with raw cow manure and a blend of carbons, Dairy Doo uses a special process that minimizes weeds and pathogens while preserving the micro-organisms.  As little as a quarter-inch deep of Dairy Doo can stimulate the biological activity that is natural to your soil and critical to healthy plant growth. And we all want that!

Made in Michigan, Dairy Doo is available in Grand Rapids area exclusively at Flowerland.  Other products in the line include Potting Soil 201 and Outdoor Plant Mix 301.

Dairy Doo contains microbiology that makes your garden thrive the way nature intended!


Maybe you are someone who takes great pride in selecting exactly the right shade of color enhanced mulch for your landscape. Then half way through the summer, the mulch barely has any color left. If this is you, Flowerland Recommends Scotts Nature Scapes Color Enhanced Mulch. Made from natural forest products and free of recycled wood, Nature Scapes prevents weeds naturally and holds its color year-long!

Nature Scapes Mulch is natural way to add color and prevent weeds in your landscape.