Giving It Your “Stump” of Approval

A co-worker  and I were talking the other day about how many people contact Flowerland, seeking advice or information about plant or lawn care issues. “Why don’t they just go to the internet and read about it?” my co-worker pondered. “It’s all about trust,” I replied.

Recently, for example, someone emailed about burning their garden to prevent blite. Before asking one of my knowledgeable Flowerland colleagues, I thought I’d research the topic myself. I found a couple of non-professional forums on the internet on burning as well as some blogs, but nothing that specifically talked about burning for blite prevention or screamed “Trust me!” So I asked Doug about it. I learned that burning can be good for many things but it will not help in preventing blite in your garden. I was able to provide an email response that I trusted.

When I google information about plants, I always take into consideration whether the source is in a similar climate. If not, the information may not be applicable to my situation. I also look at whether the source is an expert or an enthusiast sharing experiences. Sometimes the sheer volume of information can be overwhelming. Half the time I’m also right in the middle of a project and just don’t have time wade through everything. It is usually at that point that I pick up the phone and stop operating by the seat of my “plants.” I know when I talk to someone at Flowerland or download a care sheet from the Flowerland web site, the information will be solid, easy to understand and appropriate for where I live. Armed with trusted information, I can get back to my garden.

Do you have a favorite and trusted source for gardening information? How did you find it and what are some of the reasons you trust it? Let me know.

Until next time…

Mary Gold