Christmas Past…Spring Forward

Well another Christmas and New Year’s is in the books. I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday and got to spend time with family and friends. We went down to visit my dad a couple weeks before Christmas and my daughter/husband bought me a poinsettia from the kids at church (it was a fundraiser).

I love poinsettias; they are just so colorful and have those big, bold leaves.  The big fun for me comes after Christmas when I do my best to try and keep them

Houseplants can help keep the air in your house cleaner!

growing as long as possible. (One year, I kept a poinsettia growing for about a year and it had lots of pretty green leaves. It was great.) I hope I can keep this one going for a while – it will supplement my current shortage of houseplants. Well, my Christmas cacti are doing fine and I think my orchid is OK although it hasn’t shown any signs of flowering. My other three – not so much. They were fine then they all went “kerplunk-kerplooy.” I’m not sure exactly why but if I were to

guess (based on what I’ve learned at Flowerland over the last year) it might have something to do with not re-potting or changing the soil since I got them 5+ years ago. Either that or I over-watered them last winter. The poinsettia is my chance at redemption.  If that doesn’t work, I’m open to suggestions.

Let me know if you have a favorite houseplant that I should try.

Until next…

Mary Gold