Babes and Bulbs

I'm ready to garden, Mom!

It’s hard to believe that we are just over one week out from Christmas. Where has the year gone? It seems like just yesterday I was working out in the yard with my daughter and her little gardening tools.

I had the most fun planting some new bulbs. I picked up some tulips and some hyacinths and let my daughter help decide where to plant what. We decided the hyacinths should go in the front yard. They will actually add some dimension and color to the tulips and crocus that are currently planted there.  She told me where to dig and (for the most part) that’s where they went.

Tulips are even more beautiful when you plant them together!

The tulips went in the back yard in the perennial flowerbed. They will add some nice color in the spring while the perennials get going. We decided to go with four clusters and she sorted the bulbs accordingly. She even helped plant them. While I was digging my holes, she got out her little shovel, dug a hole for one of the clumps, put in the bulbs and covered them with dirt. Mind you, when she went in the house for a few minutes I had to dig a deeper, bigger hole and re-plant them before she came back but so what? The point was to do something with her that we both enjoyed. Plus when the tulips come up in the spring, I can point to them and remind her that she planted those bulbs with her own hands (more or less). I hope it makes her smile to see the fruits – or flowers – of her labor.

One other quick update. As you may remember, I planted some of the Sub-Zero pansies in my front yard this fall. I guess I’ve never planted pansies

before because these babies rock. After the frost, all my other annuals were pretty much toast and had to be pulled out. These beauties still have colorful flowers, which is a wonderful site in an otherwise dormant front landscape. The grower claims they’ll even come back in the spring. If you are looking for a great annual next year that will take you all the way to winter, I highly recommend Sub-Zero pansies.

These are my Sub-Zero pansies on Dec. 2. They still look great!

Until next time!

Mary Gold