Table-scape and Entryway Ideas

Yule logs are a tradition Christmas custom dating back to the seventh century. In early days, the yule log was lit to protect the home. Today, decorative yule logs are often used as a centerpiece in a Christmas table-scape. Flowerland Recommends this beautifully decorated yule log made exclusively by our designers.

Flowerland Designer Made Decorative Yule Logs make a great centerpiece.


Are you decorating in silver and gold this year? This decorative candle holder might fill your needs. It fits both votive and tea sized candles.


Christmas Candle Holder


Add a bit of Norman Rockwell to your holiday decorating with this Flowerland Designer Made Door Hanging.

Made by Flowerland's own Design Center, this door hanging definitely says "Welcome!"


Candles add warmth and ambiance to your holiday decorating. Sometimes the fragrances compete with the delicious smells of  your holiday meals. Flowerland Recommends these fragrance free candles by Colonial Candles. Plus these candles are Made in the USA.

Fragrance Free Candles by Colonial Candles