Transcendental Transplanting Part 2

OK, so last time I blogged I had dug up the iris bulbs. Once that was done, the real work began. It was time to dig up, split and/or move the perennials.  I was armed with my shovel, some Miracle Gro Plant Starter, some buckets to put the plants in while I dug the new holes and an actual plan.

A word to the wise. Divide your Shasta Daisy before it gets this big!

The biggest thing to divide and transplant was the Shasta Daisy. For the record, a Shasta Daisy that is a couple feet wide is really heavy and not all that easy to move by yourself.  And splitting it is no easy task either; the root ball was pretty dense.

I guess I tend to be more symmetric by nature when I envision things. The plan was to have five spring/summer blooming perennials across the back of the flower bed (2 day lilies on the outside, 2 shastas inside that and the peony in the middle), with a couple fall bloomers (my asters) in the front next to the spring flowering bulbs.  The best laid plans….With the daisy being as big as it was, I ended up going with Doug’s suggestion and dividing it in thirds. When I dug up my asters, one of them decided it should be two. A little Myke’s, a little Miracle Gro Plant starter, some really big holes, some crushed leaves for mulch and the garden is good to go. (A side note: When transplanting Shasta Daisies or Asters, think wide more than deep. They have a lot of fine roots that need to be spread out.)

It may not have been exactly like the vision but I achieved my goal. I will be able to see all my beautiful flowers as they bloom with none being blocked from view by another over-sized plant. I can’t wait to see the results next spring.

Until next time…

Mary Gold