Everything’s coming up….period!

I am so excited.  All my new plantings and transplants are growing!

As you know, I added a rose bed this spring. I bought two new rose bushes and transplanted my two carpet roses.  I was really nervous about transplanting the carpet roses. They were gifts from my mom who passed away in 2006 and I would have just cried if anything happened to them. I took some advice from my friends here at Flowerland. In addition to using my usual Miracle Gro Quick Start Plant Food, I added MYKE Tree and Shrub Transplanter. It contains mycorrhize, a naturally occurring fungus that helps plants absorb more water and nutrients, which enhances growth and root development. In combination, the Miracle Gro gave the plants immediate nutrients while the mycorrhizae went to work on the roots. Gotta tell ya, the roses are looking fabulous and are blooming like crazy. I’m definitely sold!

With such success, I used the same one-two punch on my annuals and my in-ground veggie plants. (I planted a few in pots because I ran out room in my designated veggie bed. Oops!) My annuals look fabulous and my cucumber and zucchini plants already have flowers on them – which I presume is where the fruit is actually going to grow. (Hey, I’m new at the vegetable garden thing so no laughing.) Now I keep fertilizing, watering and reaping the rewards of my labor of love.

All this and my daughter voluntarily ate her first raw carrot. Overall, I’d say it’s been a pretty good week!

Hope you all are having a great and safe 4th of July weekend.  Until next time…

Mary Gold

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