A rainbow of memories

Remember when we had that bout of severe weather a few weeks ago? During that round of storms, my daughter got to experience a “first:” Her first rainbow. The sheer joy in her voice and on her face was priceless.  Every time the sun peeked through the clouds, she ran to the door to see if the rainbow was there. My husband tried to explain that rainbows are very special and don’t happen all the time but to no avail. Surprisingly, it actually appeared about four times in about an hour’s time. Who knew the wish of a little girl could be so effective?

That got me thinking about firsts in my life, like the first time I realized I liked gardening. My mom always gardened when I was growing up. She had roses, mums, irises, tulips, evergreens and lots of annuals. I remember how happy it made. I remember sitting and watching her plant annuals. But I don’t remember getting – or wanting to get – my hands in the dirt until I moved into my condo. In July, I moved in and by September I discovered I’m not big on ground cover plants – or at least not the ones the previous owner had selected. I also discovered that pulling ivy out by hand, while time-consuming and kind of a pain is really a great way to relieve “stress.” The following spring and fall, my mom and I did a re-model of the patio garden, more to our liking. I believe it was the first time we had actually gardened together.  It is one of my most treasured memories.

My daughter isn’t old enough to actually garden but she does like playing outside in the dirt and is making good use of her new watering can, “watering” the tulips and daffodils in front of the house. (She’s at the age where “helping mom” is still cool and fun. 🙂 ) As she gets older and if she’s interested, I would love to have her help in the garden. Maybe we can even put together a special spot that is all her own, to fill in with whatever makes her happy.

Firsts and happy memories: that’s the gold at the end of my rainbow. What’s at the end of yours?

Until next time,

Mary Gold

PS: During last night’s storm, we got to see a double rainbow. Never saw that before. My daughter seems to have a way with rainbows!


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