Rain, Rain, Go Away…

I don’t know about you, but I’m just about done with this rainy, gloomy weather. With all the rain we’ve had and with more on the way, it’s amazing my plants and flowers haven’t floated away. My brother lives in Kentucky and posted some incredible pictures. One was of a tornado in the distance that he could see from his porch. Obviously – and thankfully – it wasn’t coming in his direction. The other was of a flooded Little League baseball diamond; the water was almost up to the bottom of the score board.  At our house, my daughter got to see her first rainbow. Then she kept running to the porch every time the sun peeked from behind the clouds to see if the rainbow came back. It was so cute to watch and definitely Mother Nature at her best.

With all the yucky weather we’ve had, I never got to finish raking my backyard. However the section that I did rake is looking really nice. As you might remember, when I raked it a few weeks ago some of the grass that fluffed up looked brown. It has definitely greened up and has that soft look about it. I’m not sure if I want to hold off on raking the rest. First, it will take me a couple days at least to finish it. Plus we put our crabgrass killer down last Wednesday, right before the rains came so it could soak in and form a nice preventive barrier. I’m not sure how raking will impact the barrier. I guess I need to ask my friends here at Flowerland.

What I’m really looking forward to is getting my flower beds ready. The daffodils, crocus and tulips in the front are looking good, although I’d still like to add a couple of shade-friendly perennials for some dimension. I need to check on the perennial bed in the backyard along with the new bed I created in the fall. I tried the “garden lasagna” (aka composting) to take out some grass for a new bed exclusively for my roses. It seems to have worked pretty well. Now it’s time to till the compost into the soil and get the soil tested Flowerland to see if I need to add any additional amendments for my rose garden. All it takes is a couple cups of soil from each bed and about 20 minutes or so to hang out while they test it. Who doesn’t want to give their plants the best possible growing conditions, especially if its that easy?

Our local weather folks are predicting sunshine and dry weather for Friday and most of Saturday before more rain comes in. Let’s get out there while we can.

Until next time!

Mary Gold

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