Starting small, thinking big

Now that the snow has largely melted, I’m itching to get outside and do some ‘renovations.’ I think I’ll start with the front yard.

As with any project, before digging anything up always have a plan. Look at what you’ve got, what you like and what you don’t like. At our house, we have two large, beautiful trees in our front year that block quite a bit of light. There are also two large flower beds immediately between the lawn and the front of the house. Right now, the beds have bushes or shrubs at either end. In the middle are spring bulbs I planted, followed by some summer annuals. Don’t get me wrong; I love the bulbs and annuals. My problem is, with large plants on the ends, I need some more bulk in the middle section to add balance.

I’m thinking of adding one or two shrubs or perennials in either. Now because of the trees, any plantings I select will have to be comfortable with partial shade or dappled sunlight. In researching appropriate plantings, one idea I’ve come up with is Daylilies. I’ve had pretty good luck with both in the past plus I have a couple that need to be split anyway. The daylilies can add the height and bushiness I’m looking for along with some color from the flowers. The bulbs I currently have in the beds can be transplanted around the sides for pops of color prior to the daylily blooms. Annuals like begonias and impatiens in the summer months can supplement the green, bushy leaves of the plant. And on top of it all I think daylilies may also attract butterflies.

Other plants I am considering that require less light include hostas (can’t go wrong with them), a bleeding heart as well as burning bush.

I’m still researching and planning. Both are key to a successful transformation and can help you save money by avoiding plants that are not well suited to where you want to put them. The internet is a good source for information as are the knowledgeable folks at Flowerland. They can give you solid information plus provide you with a variety of plants to select from on site.

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