Gobble – Gobble – Gorgeous!

It’s hard to believe…Thanksgiving is just two weeks away. I’m usually pretty good with decorating for Christmas but Thanksgiving can be tricky.  What besides turkey, over-eating and the Lions game do most Michiganders associate with Thanksgiving?

I took a walk around Flowerland and got some cool ideas for decorating this year.

One idea is a cornucopia.  Besides the turkey, it is the symbol most associated with Thanksgiving. Traditionally, it is a horn of plenty filled with grains, fruits and seasonal veggies. You could buy one or make your own. Just take a basket (or horn if you are a traditionalist) and fill it with silk leaves in brown, gold and orange then add fresh or silk flowers, dried or silk wheat stalks, gourds and mini pumpkins. The more rich Fall color, the better.  Add a candle or two for some extra ambiance.  (Tip: If your candle feels a little dusty or tacky, wipe it with a knee-high nylon.)

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